You can’t script The Duck


The Duck wakes up, lives, and goes to bed like everyone on this planet. But he wakes up with 20 quarts of coffee, lives to solely amuse himself, and goes to bed if he’s bored. He’s a student. He’s not a very good student, as he has been in school since 47’. 


He’s a philanthropist.

He wants to help when he can.

He means well.


He’s The Duck.


He enjoys the small things way more than the big.

He doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary.

He’s got a big heart. Medically, it’s larger than most other ducks due to his body size.

He doesn’t like being told what to do. It’s not that he doesn’t like authority. He respects his elders, his teachers, and fellow man. He just doesn’t like being told what to do.

He’s a giant duck and he’s been through a lot.


He doesn’t have any opinions of politics, religion, or social status. He likes being treated normally, he likes being talked to normally, he’s another being like everyone else.


His presence is a gift, not an expectation.

His voice will be heard, even though he has none.

He never does anything for the attention, even though he realizes everything he does gets attention.


He isn’t “doing it” for the rich and fame. He’s “doing it” for the free popcorn.

He just gets it.

Sometimes he runs, but only if its food related.

He didn't choose to be an oversized duck. Rather it chose him. And he's consistently still trying to figure it out.


He is where he should be.

Is he good at basket weaving? Probably. But thats not related to what we're talking about.


If he's rolling and playing in the trash, let him.


The U of O is prestigious and professional. The duck likes puppets. The U of O is forward thinking, the duck will steal your burrito. 


Would the duck be standing still showing how you properly prepare a school application? No. The duck would not be standing still and he is a horrible student. He still hasnt graduated.


The world can live without the Duck. But when the world needs saving, and maybe a good laugh, the Duck is here.

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